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hi i recently bought a daniel mm messenger bag.the SA gave me a big dust bag with a drawstring. isn't the daniel mm meant to come with the flap dust bag?the drawstring is made with nicer/thicker fabric than the usual flap bag, but i think i prefer the flap bag as it is easier to slide the messenger bag in and out.do you think i should request the flap dust bag or should i stick with the thicker and bigger drawstring dust bag?will they gave me one? Louis Vuitton Travel Bags


Louis Vuitton Gorgeous wallet and cute bandeau. Congrats


I think it is a natural reaction for any woman to hold tightly onto her bag no matter what the brand. I think I would hold on too! LV Purses


Louis Vuitton Damier I'm here! Lets see!!!


Louis Vuitton Monogram I like the range as it is a fun, casual print and I agree GET THE PARROT charm too


lovely, congrats! Louis Vuitton Damier

cute! congrats! Louis Vuitton Purses
 My bff has the solar pm in a really pretty deep burgundy/brownish color. I've envied it for so long i've decided to ask for it for my college graduation present. I went on the website and they have a really pretty sky blue and a black. Does anyone know what other colors they have? or had? I would love a dove grey one. Louis Vuitton Wallets .